Meet Greg Klebanoff

Meet Greg Klebanoff

After a stint in the United States Army and teaching college for a few years, I switched careers. I obtained my law degree from the Robert A. Leflar Law Center at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and passed the bar exam on my first attempt. Ever since I have been fighting tenaciously for the rights of those facing criminal charges. I am passionately devoted to upholding the law and the Constitution of the United States and knowledgeably represent all who retain me.

In addition, I am not an attorney who will nickel and dime you to death with hidden fees. All fees and billing arrangements are explained up front in clear straightforward language. Payment plans are available, and the the originally quoted fee will be exceeded only if unforeseen circumstances arise or if a given representation ends up taking significantly more time and work than originally anticipated. I strive to make my services affordable, because I am strongly committed to making them available to as many people as possible.

I understand how stressful and difficult legal troubles can be. Taking special time to become acquainted with each individual client as a person, as well as lending a compassionate ear and friendly persona to everyone who enters my office, are important aspects of being a top notch criminal defense attorney. Each client is treated as an individual human being with a unique set of problems. No one is ever talked down to; rather they are regarded as equals who are in need of my special set of experience, skills, and training.

I am also extremely honest about sending perspective clients home without charging them a dime if I do not believe they will benefit from my services.

So if you are facing criminal charges, please give me a call and set up a free consultation.

Unlike many other lawyers, I do not charge for initial consultations. My policy is that anyone who arranges an appointment can talk to me for up to an hour or so without charge. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, do yourself a favor and drop me a line. The initial consultation will cost you nothing and it could, quite literally, make all the difference.